Monthly Archives: July 2015

We’re Still At it………

I snuck out of town for 48 hours for a time of relaxation and rejuvenation with my best friend.  While it was great and much needed, by early afternoon today,  I was itching to get back home to The Mac.

Our beautiful girl is coming together a bit more every single day.  The tin siding on the upper east side has been updated.  Drive down the alley behind and check it out.  The upstairs plumbing is roughed in.  The plaster has been removed from all of the ceilings.  We hope to begin the electrical, heat and air work in the next two week.  The crane came this morning to place the 3 downstairs heat and air units atop the roof.  The downstairs ductwork has been put into place.  But the piece de resistance is the new “old” storefront that Bill & Shane have re-created.  Upon approval from the local historic preservation committee after their monthly meeting on July 21, we should be all systems go on finally removing the storefront that was placed in service in 1964 and take her beautiful face back to a very similar resemblance of her early days.

It’s just going to be breathtaking…..

And the new “old” front doors……….ahhhhh!  They are tall and solid and heavy!  They have beautiful strong hinges and handles.  They were salvaged nearly 20 years ago when they were removed from the Okmulgee School Board of Education Building at 8th and Muskogee.  And a dear friend has entrusted us with them to adorn the grand entrance of The Mac.

Stay tuned…….photos will be coming soon.

I didn’t think we could love her any more than we did a year ago……but we both do!