Bring Back the Mac

IMG_2243Have you noticed the beautiful building that stands regally on the SW corner of 7th & Morton in Okmulgee, OK? She needs a little facelift and I’m her new BFF that’s going to help make that happen. #OkmulgeeRising

2 thoughts on “Bring Back the Mac

  1. I worked throughout high school and some weekends in college with the Mabreys, Wade Hall and David Anderson at The Antique Mall that was in your building. I was there primarily 1989-1993. While in high school I had the opportunity to go upstairs for a tour with David and Wade and see all the wonderful old offices with their company names still on the doors.

    Am beyond excited that you are taking on this challenge. Would love an opportunity to come take a look around when you have completed the project. So many fond memories from my youth of that building. Good luck to you on this journey!

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