The Lunch

It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary; several tables set up the Episcopal Church, a great homemade meal prepared and served by several from the Main Street Board.  A handful of the diehard Main Street supporters and another handful who were just there for the free lunch.

Rusty was quick to introduce Rob and I to Linda Barnett, who is with the Oklahoma Main Street, as she was going to be our speaker.  As our Main Street program was without a director at that time, she gave us a pep talk and reminded us about our rich history as one of the founding programs in Oklahoma (we established in 1986) and that this is just a rough patch that you’re going through and that she knew our search for a new director would be successful.

When she touched on the architecture of our beautiful downtown buildings, she mentioned a presentation she had heard recently and said, “he has a book and if anyone wants to see it, just contact me and I’ll let your read mine.  But I’m going to be off for 6 weeks having a knee replacement”.

While I enjoyed her presentation, what was really running through my mind was, “what has Rusty gotten me into?”…… director, very few people here, a very tired vibe amongst those present.  Geez……it’s going to be a looooonnnnngggg 3 years on this Board.

The next month at a monthly Education Foundation meeting,  Rusty came up after and said, “hey kid, I just went ahead and ordered a copy of that book that Linda spoke of….” to which I then replied , “……….and…….?” “Well……..I  haven’t actually read it yet.  But I will and then I’ll bring it to you, ok?”

At the following month’s meeting of OEF, I cornered Rusty; “how was that book and are you going  to bring it to me?”    “Well, kid…..I’ve started it but when I finish it, I’ll bring it to you, ok?”   That night I got on Amazon and ordered the book…………..

It arrived via UPS on Friday night.  Sell-Sheets_RonDrake_update-2-5-13-940x1238

3 thoughts on “The Lunch

  1. I inspected the 114 S 7th Street address yesterday with Margaret and was amazed at what I saw. Take the first floor out of the talk, because that could be a whole new issue, and just my thoughts on the second floor. WOW! The roof and outside walls being sealed with the proper care for the long haul and the repair to the skylights for the light they will add is a must. The woodwork in the hallway is wonderful and again a must save for the renovation. It provides the age to the 100 year space and when the floors are repaired, sanded and stained to match the trim I will want to see their true beauty. Even with the modern additions of exit signs and emergency lighting this place will look incredible. Thanks for the vision and keep me in mind for a follow up walk through. Good luck with your project. Richard

    1. Richard. It was a pleasure to meet you and tour The Mac. She seems to have that same affect on most everyone we share her with. I hope you will feel free to stop by anytime you are in the area and check in our progress. Your kind words made our day!

  2. Noticed what was going on when I was at M&D. Enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures. Good Luck, big job, but what an asset to Okmulgee when you are done. Glad there are entrepreneurs like you around.

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