The Treasure

IMG_2207Just a staircase…..opened up for the first time in 60 years.  Let’s walk up and see what’s at the top…….





IMG_2206So, it has a nice little landing close to the top……interesting………….




Looks like some has been sweeping up……..




Wow….door after door after door……..

look at that wood work?

Doesn’t it give you goose bumps?


Well… gives us goose bumps.  Every single time we walk up those stairs.

Who would have imagined that all of this amazing space full of beautiful wood work, light fixtures, hardwood floors was hidden away all of this time?  I certainly never did.

IMG_2176look at the trim…..look at the window glass……look at the cool corner sink




IMG_2168look at the neat names still in place on many of the office doors…….




Can you feel it yet?

Can you feel the life that once flowed through these spaces?

Can you imagine the 30+ people who came down from these offices onto the streets of Downtown Okmulgee for smoke breaks, lunches and hot dates after work?

Can you feel the life?  I can.

I can feel neighbors stopping in the hall ways to chat.  I can feel  friendships forming with neighbors.  I can feel plans being made and experiences.  I can feel a place of rest and retreat.

And now that the treasure has been discovered…………..let’s roll up our sleeves and go!

4 thoughts on “The Treasure

  1. I’m jealous, love that kind of exploration. Mama would have loved it, she taught me young to enjoy the history found in old buildings. Good for you!

  2. Looks AMAZING!! Have not been there since my late teens early 20’s! Can’t wait to see it again! Glad to see the building brought back to life!

  3. You guys have really cleaned a lot from what I remember. stuff in the halls and dust everywhere. Margaret I would bet back in the day they just smoked in the offices. Jim and Everette Daniel and my father smoked in the store. What were you doing on the sink? I have not see Ree Drummond stand on her sink. LOL.

  4. Totally Awesome. Gave me goose bumps just reading about your treasure and looking at the pics. I love it. Can’t wait to see what’s next.
    I Love my home town and I’m proud to know that my class mates are fixing it up.

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